Will Heat Resistant Label deform under high temperature environment

Oct 20, 2020

 Many electronic products will have a certain high temperature in a short period of time during work, so the requirements for label paper are more clear. This kind of label paper is required to be able to maintain its surface pattern or barcode for a certain period of time in high temperature. The situation will not change.

When using Heat Resistant Label, even in a 350℃ high temperature environment, it can maintain the characteristics of not falling off, deforming, and maintaining stability during long-term work. It can resist the erosion of various chemical substances, and in some work During contact, there will be no wear and tear. A brief introduction to the three characteristics of Heat Resistant Label:

1. Environmental protection materials: adhere to the use of environmental protection materials, and the label does not contain toxic and harmful substances.

2. Clear printing effect: The label is accurately die-cut, the surface is smooth and meticulous, easy to print, the bar code writing is clear, and the printing effect is good.

3. Waterproof and tear-proof: In addition to high temperature resistance, the label is also waterproof and tear-proof.

Heat Resistant Label can keep itself from being contaminated in some environments with melting agents or detergents. For example, in the manufacturing process of electronic products, high temperature resistant adhesive labels are a good choice. In the production of heat transfer, high temperature resistant adhesive labels can be kept in a soldering environment without being damaged during the transfer process. Pollution.

Heat Resistant Label paper is an ideal label paper in the field of circuit board welding in the field of circuit board welding. Label paper can be used in the top and bottom parts of the circuit board. In the mixed processing process, this kind of label The paper can be placed on the bottom of the circuit board for use, but if the circuit board is directly used in the reflow soldering technology, it is recommended to use this label paper on the top of the circuit board.