What will cause the adhesive label to curl up

May 24, 2020
As the scope of application of adhesive labels is getting wider and wider, the use of adhesive labels is also increasing. But in the process of use, some consumers find that the edge of the sticker will be lifted. What is the reason?

First of all, you can consider whether the adhesive of adhesive label is too weak. At this time, you need to choose the right adhesive. Or the pressure of the pressure roller of the labeling machine is not enough, which leads to the pressure of the self-adhesive label that is pressed, which causes the edge to rise

Also consider the issue of label materials. When selecting label materials, you should consider whether the labeling object is flat or curved, large or small diameter, single curved surface or spherical surface, rigid body or shrinkage deformation. The selection and selection of these surface materials Quality is directly related. Soft bottles should choose soft materials such as PE, PVC, while rigid bottles need to use PET, BOPP, PS and other materials.

Finally, it is necessary to consider whether the adhesive label is lifted due to improper selection of adhesives. When selecting self-adhesive adhesives, it is first necessary to determine whether the adhesive required for the manufactured adhesive label is permanent or removable Yes, whether it is one-time posting or re-stickable, and whether the product has special requirements for the chemical characteristics of a dry label adhesive.

For example, when labeling a large curvature surface, it is not appropriate to use thick or hard raw paper materials such as mirror coated paper, but film or thin paper materials and an adhesive with a high initial viscosity should be used; Regarding the container that needs to stop hot filling, the material of the self-adhesive material should use film raw materials and adhesive with good initial viscosity.