What materials are generally used to make anti-counterfeit labels?

Jan 11, 2021

Anti-counterfeit label can be customized anti-counterfeit products according to customer needs. Customers can choose different materials according to different types. Generally, there are paper glue, PVC fragile paper, watermark paper and security thread, etc. The selection of laser labels is generally There are alumina laser film and so on. The anti-counterfeit features and identification methods of anti-counterfeit labels are the soul of anti-counterfeit label. Anti-counterfeit is actually a preventive measure for those activities that are used for deception and are copied or copied without the permission of the owner, but this does not explain Anti-counterfeit label manufacturers have anti-counterfeit label products must be authentic.

Anti-counterfeit label is generally a reference for product manufacturers and trademark holders to distinguish them from counterfeiting their own products. This is generally not related to the quality of the product itself. The anti-counterfeit label can prove that the product is produced or operated and sold by this company, and the product quality itself depends on the company's production management quality management. Generally speaking, the anti-counterfeit label can be pasted, printed and transferred on the surface of the target, or the packaging of the target, or on the attachments of the target, such as product listings, business cards and anti-counterfeit cards, so it is an anti-counterfeit label. Anti-counterfeit materials during the period include anti-counterfeit inks. Anti-counterfeit inks mainly include optical color anti-counterfeit inks, infrared anti-counterfeit inks, and temperature change inks. What anti-counterfeit labels are currently available on the market?

1. Paper anti-counterfeit label: paper anti-counterfeit label material with stable stickiness. This product series is more suitable for all kinds of bottle stickers, so that customers can distinguish the authenticity through the anti-counterfeit label's anti-counterfeit code, but this type of anti- The counterfeit label company may not be fraudulent. Therefore, the company should choose different materials for anti-counterfeit label according to its own practice.

2. Watermarked paper anti-counterfeit label: Watermarked paper is a very commonly used anti-counterfeit paper, it is a kind of embossed shape, perspective, contactable image or bar code paper. Watermarking is an outstanding public anti-counterfeiting technology. Banknotes are the main carrier for the security of using watermarks, and checking watermarks is also one of the useful methods for authenticating banknotes. Since Swedish banknotes were first issued in 1666 with a special watermark, almost all money is now printed on watermarked paper. Therefore, the messy technical processes such as the integration of the scheme in the production process of watermarking paper, engraving molds, making nets, and papermaking often make counterfeiters helpless.

3. Security paper anti-counterfeit label: The material used for anti-counterfeit label should all belong to security paper. Security paper has been in use since the beginning of 1930. It is one of the important anti-counterfeit methods in the discussion and application of paper currency anti-counterfeit. It is said to be one of the sharp tools for anti-counterfeiting work, and through the customized security thread, it has a high anti-counterfeiting function. Now the security thread paper is divided into full-buried type and window-opening type. Customers can distinguish sensitively and intuitively, which is beneficial to public anti-counterfeiting.

4. Holographic anti-counterfeit label: The other more common anti-counterfeit label is laser anti-counterfeit label, laser anti-counterfeit label is generally called holographic anti-counterfeit label, which uses laser color holographic plate making technology and molding Imitation technology makes finished anti-counterfeit label.