What factors will affect the printing effect of adhesive label?

Jul 25, 2020
Adhesive label is actually a special type of printing, and its multiple printing processes are basically done on one machine. Therefore, the printing efficiency is relatively high, the cost is low, the quality of the printing determines the value, and the value creates benefits. Today, the editor will come. Introduce the factors that affect the printing effect of adhesive label:

1. The printing and processing characteristics of adhesive label materials. There are many adhesive label materials on the market. However, for the printing effect, they usually choose those self-adhesive materials with good surface gloss and color uniformity, because of the uniformity of the materials It is directly related to the uniformity of ink absorption.

2. The technicality of paper cutting technology when printing adhesive label is also related to certain degree. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of cutting adhesive label paper, it is necessary to pay attention to the thinness and thickness of the cutting when cutting, especially the paper It should not be too thick at one time, this is to avoid the paper skew underneath, and the cutting edge of the blade should be sharp.

3. The correct selection of the base support for printing plate. Generally speaking, the characteristics of the base support material of the printing plate often have a great influence on the printing pressure, overprint accuracy, etc. In order to ensure the effect of the cause, you should choose a flat and square , Solid aluminum or cast iron bottom support.