Three points must be paid attention to when printed sticky label

Oct 19, 2020

Printed sticky label is now more and more widely used, so what are the irreplaceable advantages of printed sticky label? Why does it develop faster and faster?

Compared with traditional product labels, printed sticky labels generally have the advantages of no glue, no paste, no dipping, zero pollution, and reasonable time saving for labeling. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications, so it is more convenient and faster to use.

Various types of printed sticky labels can generally be applied to materials that are incapable of paper product labels. Why does printed sticky label have such a function? In fact, it is because the printed sticky label is very different from the traditional printing. Printed sticky labels are basically printed and processed on the product label linkage, and multiple processes are realized at one time, such as graphic printing, film cutting, waste discharge, cutting and rewinding, etc., so you can know that the printed sticky label has an impact on printing technology and printing machinery The equipment basically has higher requirements.

Therefore, pay special attention to the following aspects when choosing a printed sticky label:

1. The printed sticky label should generally be flat and smooth, and the rewinding tension should be even. Smoothness is better, and conveying, running, registering and winding can be correctly realized in the printing process. The rewinding tension of the film should be even and moderate. If the tension is too small, the film sheet will relax, and the horizontal and vertical overprinting will be inaccurate; if the tension is too high, the sheet will shrink in the horizontal direction and the overprinting will be unstable, then normal printing will not be possible.

2. The thickness of the printed sticky label must be symmetrical, and the strength index should be qualified. The printing pressure applied in the printing process is related to the thickness of the printed sticky label. If the thickness is uneven, the printing pressure will also be uneven, which will easily cause the writing and ink color of the product label printing to vary in depth. If the film strength is poor, the tension of the film in the printing process will be uncontrollable, which will have a great impact on film cutting and waste discharge.

3. Comprehensively consider the type, level, product quality, surface characteristics, application environment and user requirements of the self-adhesive labeling object. It is best to use a label made of polypropylene printed sticky label with good clarity on the transparent bottle to form a fashionable feeling without product label, which can improve the grade of the product and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The flexibility, shrinkage, opacity, production and processing characteristics and labeling characteristics of polyvinyl chloride film are very good, and the color is bright, the contrast is large, it can attract people's attention, and it has the effect of promoting and promoting products.