Reasons that affect the clarity of adhesive label printing

Jul 25, 2020
When printing an adhesive label, it is generally due to the characteristics of the paper, the quality of the ink, and the printing process that will cause various problems when printing. Unclear graphic printing is a printing problem often encountered. It is a relatively common problem. The following briefly introduces which factors affect the clarity of printing:

 1. When printing, because the depth of printing is not enough, or the temperature of the print head is set too high, this is because the quality of the adhesive label paper selected is not good, which will reduce the ribbon transmission capacity.

 2. The printing speed is not adjusted well, which results in the speed being too fast, and the contact time between the functional area and the surface of the label paper is too short and the printing is not clear.

 3. The selected color and label paper cannot be well integrated. The label material is generally a mixed substrate, and resin ribbon can be selected. If it is a coated paper label, then wax-based ribbon can be selected.

 4. The position of the printing head is installed incorrectly or the printing head is dusty. These need to be adjusted before printing and the printing head should be cleaned regularly.