Kaida International provides self-adhesive electronic labels and mobile phone protective films for Nokia

Dec 26, 2019

Nokia headquarter is located in Espoo, Finland and specializes in mobile communication equipment production and related services. It was set up in 1865 and started with logging and paper making, then moved to rubber shoes, tires, cables and other fields, and finally become a mobile phone manufacturer. Kaisheng supplys Nokia with self-adhesive electronic label and protective film for mobile phone.

Nokia company is well-known for its electronics, and was trying to look for suitable supplier for self-adhesive label. Kaida international paid visit to Nokia and propose with a solution including how to appropriately audit factory and inspect label. By doing research, Nokia found that Kaida international has the concepts of safety, efficiency, and sustainable development and think highly of that.

Kaisheng printing CO.,LTD is located in Zhangmutou town of Dongguan city, and have four manufacturing base and multiple offices in China. We dedicate ourselves to provide our customer with packing products including electronic labels, food labels, cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels and other adhesive labels, foam, blister products, PE bags and other packaging materials. Our service and technical support is always timely.