Introduction to the hot stamping process of self-adhesive labels

Jan 26, 2021
Self-adhesive labels are now widely used in our lives. According to the processing methods of self-adhesive labels, bronzing methods can generally be divided into single-sheet paper bronzing and roll paper bronzing. Sheet paper hot stamping is the same as the traditional hot stamping process, and it needs to be processed on a dedicated hot stamping machine. Roll paper bronzing needs to be done on the label linkage, which is also the most widely used processing method.

1. Flat pressing and hot stamping on the labeling machine
Regardless of whether the letterpress label printing machine is a flat flattening or a round flattening device, because the roll paper is fed intermittently, all hot stamping must be flattened. Under normal circumstances, the bronzing station is generally an independent unit, and some models share a unit for bronzing and die cutting, which are used separately.

2. Multi-station flat pressing and hot stamping
Some models have a two-station hot stamping unit, one of which is close to the printing plate to complete horizontal hot stamping, and the other unit is an independent unit to complete vertical hot stamping. This model can simultaneously perform two-color bronzing. To

3. Foil stamping on the processing machine

Processing machines are generally designed to process printed roll labels and do not need to print labels. Therefore, bronzing is a function of the processing machine, and the bronzing device on the processing machine generally adopts a flat pressing method.

4. Round press round hot stamping on the rotary machine
The hot stamping plate used for round stamping is generally in the shape of a roller, and it is in contact with the impression cylinder during hot stamping, so that hot stamping can be achieved. Round press round hot stamping is suitable for use on continuous paper-feeding roll labeling machines, but there are still certain requirements for paper conveying speed, which means that it has an impact on printing speed. However, compared to flat bronzing, the efficiency is greatly improved.

5. Cold bronzing on the rotary machine

This is a new hot stamping process that no longer uses heated metal printing plates, but uses a printing adhesive method, which will transfer the metal foil to achieve hot stamping. The process flow is: UV pressure-sensitive adhesive is printed on the position where the printed product needs to be hot stamped, and the adhesive can be dried by a UV drying device, and then special metal foil is used to compound with the pressure-sensitive adhesive, and then the metal foil is peeled off , So the part of the metal foil that needs to be transferred is transferred to the surface of the printed matter, so as to achieve cold hot stamping. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving, high production efficiency, existing equipment parts can be used, no additional devices are needed, and it is a promising new process.