In which industries can the adhesive label be applied?

Apr 03, 2020
Stickers are now widely used in the daily chemical industry. According to statistics, self-adhesive labels in the market still maintain a rapid growth momentum in the daily chemical industry, so that they can be more widely used, and label materials will also develop in a high-level and diversified direction.

Daily chemical products generally have high added value. Because there are many brands, competition is also fierce. Consumers need to choose a product among a wide range of products. Product packaging is an important factor to attract consumers. A major element of daily chemical product packaging is labeling. Therefore, choosing a good sticker for daily chemical products is conducive to increase Sales of daily chemical products.

Now the pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for the standardization of pharmaceutical packaging. Whether it is hygienic or aesthetic, the requirements are being further improved. Adhesive materials for self-adhesive labels can meet the needs of pharmaceutical packaging well under the premise of meeting hygienic standards. On the one hand, the production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are generally relatively high, so the operation speed of the running water is relatively fast, so many medicine bottles are generally automatically labeled to meet the requirements when labeling.

On the other hand, because the self-adhesive material is suitable for various printing methods, it has clear graphics and neat strong adhesion effect, so that the self-adhesive label can meet the market requirements for pharmaceutical packaging. Therefore, consumers will have higher and higher requirements on the packaging of medicines. They hope that the label is not only a description, but also a symbol of this brand. In addition, pharmaceutical products also attach great importance to anti-counterfeiting. Self-adhesive labels have just a variety of materials to choose from, such as fragile paper, anti-counterfeiting labels, etc. can all achieve anti-counterfeiting effects.

Self-adhesive labels are also widely used in the electronics industry. Now is the era of electronic equipment. When buying each electronic device, the outer packaging will have a corresponding label attached to identify the parameters of the device or give the device a Anti-counterfeiting.
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With the development of the market economy, the supermarket and logistics industries are also accelerating changes. The speed of commodity circulation is accelerating, and the market will increasingly demand variable information printing labels. For example, fresh food in supermarkets, because of its fast circulation, It is profitable and has always had a market, so the thermal label has a lot of room for development. Another example is luggage tags, supermarket price tags, storage and transportation tags, etc., which are now widely used.

In some logistics developed countries in Europe, the self-adhesive labels used for variable information printing have accounted for more than 40% of the total demand of the self-adhesive label market, and more companies have tasted the benefits of self-adhesive label management. At the same time, it will also bring unlimited business opportunities to the adhesive industry. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, the market will have a huge demand for variable information stickers.

The anti-counterfeiting industry is an important industry for the application of self-adhesive labels. The characteristics of the self-adhesive labels have the application conditions in the anti-counterfeiting industry. The self-adhesive labels have a wide range of applications in these fields. The self-adhesive label is regarded as a carrier carrying anti-counterfeiting information, so that the application range in the anti-counterfeiting industry will be more extensive.