How to remove the residue after tearing off the sticky label

Aug 17, 2021
1) Pillow machine
I have my favorites, I have a lot of noise at work, and I can’t talk and laugh with others when I bring my own machine—others simply can’t hear it. Elegance is unqualified. And this kind of theme is possible, and it is possible that the situation is not particularly good. use
2) Fengyoujing
The sound is not loud, but the taste is heavy, and there is no elegant feeling in the sense of smell, and it is negative.
As a not-so-fashionable person, the short oil essence in my mind last year used this method. As a result, the oily essence and method have caused the substance to have a wonderful effect and become a unique and inseparable uniqueness. The presence. The hand oil is dark and sticky and doesn't come off. It's really another person's massage. So the same pit won't make me fall a second time, let alone in front of everyone!
3) Grapefruit juice
The "newer" method seen in a certain video, not to mention the incomprehensibility that this type of staying closer than electricity is closer, is the method of dripping water on things really doing cleaning? Does sweet juice really not sticky primers? And the video also told me to wait not to waste the food, and to eat its flesh first. Aside from this serious logical flaw, you have to wash, cut, eat, wash, and toss around, do you want to tear the label again? When you get the whole label of food, I feel that you are particularly unprofessional!
4) Water/Dishwashing Liquid + Hand Rub
The working people are full of sight. If they really want to tear off such a label, they won't.
Here comes the true true self:
No matter if you use wine, liquor or a cat or dog with your mouth, as long as the label is turned off like bone water, ordinary civilians can also tear off the label while drinking coffee and laughing at the waist!
Maybe more effective dividing line ====
There is a lot of nonsense before you homework, what should you do if you have red wine?
The saliva comes sooner, although it is wet and slippery, is it wet?
The mint-flavored mouthwash is used, the spot on the screen is green apple-flavored to remove stains, and the upper part is used as an orange-flavored killer, only the banana water and the entire well-known fruit combination will survive.
How to remove the residue after tearing off the sticky label