How to distinguish between PET label and synthetic paper label?

Jan 26, 2021
Label paper is a commonly used material, which is often used in daily life. The storage objects and requirements are different, and the choice of label paper is also different. At present, the most used labels in the electronics industry are synthetic paper, PET and thermal label paper. Thermal paper is the best to distinguish among them, but there are still some objections to the distinction between PET labels and synthetic paper labels.

Generally speaking, PET labels have good hardness and brittleness, so they can withstand a certain high temperature, so as to resist the harsh environment and corrosion of chemicals such as acid and alkali, so they are very suitable for outdoor labels and high-quality labels. . The common colors include matte silver, matte sub-white, bright silver, bright white and transparent. Generally, according to the thickness, it can be divided into 25 fan (1 fan = 1um), 50 fan and 75 fan, which are related to the actual requirements of the manufacturer. The polyester material is thin but high in strength, so the surface coating is actually good for ink adhesion, but it needs UV light to be cured during the printing process. High-performance adhesives are generally suitable for a variety of surfaces and can be used for product identification after processing and printing.

Synthetic paper is generally called chemical film paper, polymer paper and plastic paper. Its main raw materials are generally organic resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. Therefore, in the manufacturing process, the main raw materials such as polyolefin and other resins and inorganic fillers can be melted, extruded, and formed into a film, and then stretched in different axial directions to form a film; finally, the film is processed into "paper" "Shaping" treatment, so that it becomes opaque and whiteness is improved, which will form synthetic paper. Synthetic paper is also a new type of plastic material product, with the characteristics of plastic and paper.

So how to distinguish between PET label and synthetic paper label?

First listen: First you can pick up the label paper and flick it with your fingers. At this time, you will find that the PET label paper will make a crisp sound, while the synthetic paper is not so loud.

Second touch: You can also touch the label paper by hand. Generally, synthetic paper is softer than PET barcode paper.

Third tear: You can pick up the label with your hands and tear it hard. You can compare the two labels. You can find that the wrinkles of the PET label are very deep, while the wrinkles of the synthetic paper should be mild.