Functional advantages of pet label printing

Oct 26, 2021
1. The logo stores a large amount of information: RFID tag chip can store basic pet information, epidemic prevention information, reproduction, health and other information. The RFID tag chip is read through the RFID reading and writing device. The tag can be injected into the pet's body (which will not affect the pet's health), or it can be hung on the pet's neck. RFID tags have the characteristics of large storage capacity, safety and reliability, and durability.

2, convenient and fast data collection

  RFID tag long-distance non-contact automatic identification. RFID has the characteristics of accurate reading and simultaneous reading of multiple tags. The staff of pet management can easily collect pet data and upload it to the central server database for centralized management. So as to carry out reliable data collection.

3, centralized management, information sharing

  Using the pet management software platform for centralized query and management of data, and for retrospective management. Because of using the same standard technology and protocol, pet hospitals and animal immunization centers can obtain information about pets through a unified RFID card reader to achieve centralized management and information sharing.

4, traceability function

   When the pet is lost, we can retrieve the pet in time. Doctors in pet hospitals can establish lifelong health records for pets. At the same time, the relevant departments of pet management have accurate information, and management is much more convenient. Can also carry out import and export control. At any time, as long as you read the RFID tag chip on the pet, you can get all the information of the pet, at a glance, you can make the fastest and most accurate decision on the problem.
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