Blister tray supplier | The use industry and restrictive factors of blister tray

Sep 16, 2021
Industry Application
There are many types of blister trays. The pallet product is one of the blister types in the blister industry. This type of pallet has strong bearing capacity. According to the shape, structure and weight of the article, it is possible to set up a pallet packaging suitable for bearing strength, and the thickness of the material used is also many. The difference depends on the packaging needs of the packaged items. Such blister trays are often used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology product industry, cosmetics industry, health care product industry, and so on. In use, the commonly used materials for such pallets are PVC and PS hard film. Generally, transparent blister pallets are commonly used in packaging. Other colors can be selected according to individual needs.
Three constraints on the development of the blister tray industry
(1) The use method is backward, and the advantages of PVC blister trays cannot be fully utilized
The PVC blister tray itself is a unitized logistics appliance born to cooperate with efficient logistics. It can be said that the tray is the connection point that runs through all links of the modern logistics system. However, in our actual use, due to the inconsistent specifications, the pallets cannot be circulated in the logistics operation chain and are only limited to the enterprise.
(2) The cost of the circulation process is too high
From the survey, it can be found that most of the companies’ PVC blister trays are turned inside the company, so that the company’s products have been manually handled and unloaded many times, greatly reducing work efficiency and correspondingly increasing product circulation costs. Reduce the competitiveness of products in the market.
(3) Difficult to keep up with international standards
Due to the inconsistent specifications of PVC blister pallets, the use of pallets in China cannot be matched with international transportation equipment such as international containers. In order to be able to adapt to the relevant international transportation tools, enterprises have to order pallets from pallet manufacturers that are inconsistent with the company’s turnover specifications, which increases the export costs of the enterprise and reduces the international competitiveness of the products.

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