Blister tray manufacturer | Knowledge about blister tray

Sep 16, 2021
Blister trays are also called plastic inner trays. Plastic hard sheets are made into plastic with specific grooves by a blister process, and the products are placed in the grooves to protect and beautify the products. There are also transport-type pallet packaging and pallets. More use is based on convenience.

Blister tray material

(Blister tray) The raw material of blister products is only plastic sheet. The thickness of the film is generally not more than 1.5MM. Commonly used sheets are: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and flocking sheets and gold-plated sheets on this basis And anti-static sheet.

Double-layer blister tray

(1) The double-layer blister tray is composed of a self-locking top cover and bottom support and a foldable enclosure to form a complete set of combined plastic trays. The top cover and bottom support are made of HDPE. It is formed by a double-layer disposable blister process. The middle wall can be made of PP (polypropylene resin) plastic hollow board or seven-layer corrugated cardboard to make a foldable wall.
(2) The whole series is designed for reciprocating recycling, and the top cover and bottom support can be recycled for up to ten years. Plastic hoarding and corrugated paper hoarding can also be recycled and replaced many times. This design can greatly reduce customers' logistics operations and storage costs.
(3) The pallet middle panel is designed to be foldable, and the top cover and bottom support can be embedded or stacked, which can save 50% of the storage space compared with traditional packaging.
(4) The blister top cover and the bottom support are made of two HDPE plates in one-time blister molding, which is sturdy and durable!
(5) Is the assembly or disassembly of the blister tray extremely convenient? One person can complete the disassembly or assembly in a few minutes without using any tools. The top cover and the bottom support are each designed with four quick locks, which can buckle the enclosure, so there is no need to pack it, which saves packing materials and labor costs.

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