Application of high temperature resistant printed sticky label in auto parts industry

Apr 17, 2020
          Most of the auto parts labels are high-temperature printed sticky labels. High-temperature resistant adhesive labels can be copied with barcodes. The raw materials used for identification are generally PET, PI, etc. What are the functions of high-temperature resistant adhesive labels?

          The high-temperature printed sticky label has the characteristics of stable heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to lithium battery electrolyte erosion, antistatic and strong adhesive, etc., so it can withstand harsh environments without falling, deformation or warping. It can be easily identified by manual or scanner scanning. It is not damaged by operating temperature, environmental humidity and various oil stains. It has a wide range of applications and stable characteristics. It is suitable for the automotive industry.
            High-temperature printed sticky label can carry out solder management methods and product quality tracking on auto parts, and different parts of the car, such as brake discs, rims, tires, transmission belts, plastic hoses, diesel engines, transmission shafts, electronic device brake systems 1. The vehicle wiring harness and plastic internal parts can be applied, and the scope of application is very wide. It can be applied to each part of the car, which is beneficial to the manufacturer to collect data and track the quality of auto parts.