Advantages of synthetic paper sticky label and its application

Oct 20, 2020

   Generally speaking, there are many positive and negative factors to be considered when choosing label materials, so we must understand which factors are the most critical. The application of synthetic materials in labels has always been showing a rapid growth trend, which shows that synthetic paper sticky labels must have certain advantages.

First of all, synthetic paper has excellent mechanical properties and environmental adaptability. The advantages of synthetic paper in terms of mechanical properties are generally its durability, strength, oil resistance, water resistance, weather resistance and UV resistance. It also needs to have High wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, which can withstand repeated twists without wrinkles or cracks. It also has to have very good environmental adaptability, can adapt to the temperature range of -50 ~ 115 ℃; thus can adapt to changes in different environments, from oily environment to very humid environment, can maintain dimensional stability.

  Secondly, the synthetic paper has very good ink acceptance ability, which can ensure good printing quality. Synthetic paper exhibits good printability in all traditional printing methods, such as flexographic printing, offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing and thermal transfer printing without any pre-press processing. The post-press processing performance of synthetic paper is also very outstanding. It can be processed at will, such as embossing, embossing, hot stamping, bonding, embossing, punching, and die cutting.

Generally, synthetic paper produced by inkjet and laser printing methods can basically be used. Authorized by the US FDA, this synthetic paper can generally be in direct contact with food, and has good resistance to household chemical detergents, and it can also be burned. Will not produce toxic substances.

 Of course, environmental protection is a problem faced by many new materials, and synthetic paper can be almost 100% recycled.

Application of synthetic paper sticky label

   In a highly competitive market, general brand image is very important, it is a bargaining chip to conquer consumers. Especially now that there are a wide variety of products, consumers are more rational in buying products, and they usually make a small comparison in front of the shelf when buying. At this time, the perception of the label to the customer is very important.

For brand manufacturers, the general synthetic paper sticky label basically has a durable, reliable and coordinated brand image. The smooth and smooth label highlights the quality and luxury of the packaging, and has the same appealing touch and vision.

  The other thing is that the bottle body and the label must be able to match, without warping or unsightly wrinkles. In addition to the exquisite printed patterns, consumers certainly also hope that the instructions and product ingredients are clear and clear, and there is no stickiness.

  The safety of synthetic paper has now become a big market attraction. Synthetic paper has excellent tear strength, tensile strength, moisture resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance. It can maintain the integrity of the image during the entire use of the label.

  Synthetic paper sticky label can be applied to medical packaging, especially high-cost anti-theft packaging. Because the higher tensile strength of synthetic paper can prevent the product from being exchanged.

   Synthetic paper also plays a very important role in the aviation industry. Air luggage needs to go through multiple procedures. The good performance of synthetic paper luggage tags can ensure the safety of passenger information.

future development 

  No one can accurately predict the future development of synthetic paper, but judging from the performance and sales trend of synthetic paper, the application of this material will generally continue to increase. To meet this demand, synthetic paper suppliers will continue to conduct research, hoping to develop upgraded products with better performance.

Synthetic paper has a history of more than 30 years abroad. With the strengthening of global environmental protection awareness, the large amount of pollution caused by ordinary fiber paper has promoted the development of synthetic paper. The continuous appearance of new synthetic paper varieties has expanded the application of synthetic paper. range. In the United States and Europe, the application of synthetic paper in some new fields is gradually increasing. At present, the world sales of synthetic paper products are increasing at a rate of 10% every year, and the replacement of ordinary fiber paper by synthetic paper is accelerating.