Advantages and application scope of fragile paper label

Oct 26, 2021
1. Application advantages of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels:

1. Improve product image, products with anti-counterfeiting labels are reassuring;

2. Improve product quality, and products with anti-counterfeit labels make people feel authentic and weighty;

3. It promotes sales, and consumers usually choose products with anti-counterfeiting labels;

4. Make invisible advertisements for the products, and the customer's inquiry will prompt the genuine products of a certain company;

5. The use of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels can provide products with many value-added services;

6. Fragile paper anti-counterfeiting labels play a finishing touch in product sales.

2. Application scope of fragile paper anti-counterfeiting label:

1. Fragile anti-counterfeiting RFID etching electronic tags: suitable for all kinds of high-end electronic products.

2. Anti-counterfeiting traceability safety label: suitable for alcohol, tobacco, and electronic products.

3. Warranty sticker/date sticker/tear-off invalid sticker: suitable for drones, photography and video equipment, mobile phones, computers, and other electronic and electrical products.

4. Quality assurance label stickers: applicable to label products in various industries.

5.  Sealing, sealing stickers: all kinds of packaging boxes, bottles, cans, and other industries.

The quality of anti-counterfeiting labels is directly related to the quality of after-sales service of products and the economic interests of the merchants. Only by choosing a formal anti-counterfeiting label production company can the problem of product fraud be effectively avoided.
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