Kaida International provides adhesive electronic tags for SHARP

Dec 25, 2019

Since 1912, SHARP has developed business in 26 countries and 64 area all over the world. It makes products including radio, television, microwave oven, computer, solar-power battery and LCD. It has made a lot of popular products in the market. Nowadays, SHARP has become a large integrated electronic information company. Our high quality self-adhesive labels produced by Kaisheng is highly recognized by SHARP.


Kaisheng has been providing compound products and services for electronic information company. Our principle is to do our best to meet customers’ standard from material, sourcing, research and development, manufacture to packing.

Kaisheng printing CO.,LTD is located in Zhangmutou town of Dongguan city, and have four manufacturing base and multiple offices in China. We dedicate ourselves to provide our customer with packing products including electronic labels, food labels, cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels and other adhesive labels, foam, blister products, PE bags and other packaging materials. Our service and technical support is always timely.